Facilities & Amenities

School Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

Education par Excellence


The school has its own bus for comfortable transportation facilities to the students. However, the students willing to come to school by public or private vehicles can also enjoy spacious parking areas.


Reading is a serious culture at LNA. Therefore, a well facilitated library is under maintenance in the school. Students are encouraged to check out library books and keep a logbook of their reading on weekly basis.

Lunch and Snacks

The school cafeteria serves fresh, hygienic and balanced lunch and snacks to the students and staff. The school menu does keep changing according to the season and market availability, which is informed to the parents through the school newsletter.

e-learning Rooms

Children enjoy educational videos and occasional recreational videos in the comfortable audiovisual room that has a 30 inch LCD TV and a multimedia projector.

Hostel and Day Boarders Facilities

The school has two separate hostels: Boys and Girls with congenial environment for accommodation and study. The hostels are among the best in Nepal regarding facilities, discipline, care, and comfort.


The school has highly equipped, sophisticated, and resourceful laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science to conduct practical classes. The computer lab is equipped with Internet.

Disciplinary System

Since the LNA believes that quality education comes with discipline, it does not compromise on violation of the School Dress Code, Academic Code, Examination Code, and Code of Discipline by any student.


Sports and recreational activities are an essential part of growth. LNA gives emphasis on both mental and physical development. Football, basket ball, badminton, athletics and swimming are the major school sporting activities.

Social Events

Promoting active participation in social events and in needed hour, a noble concept of social responsibility is intently instilled in the students at LNA. To achieve this goal, students are highly encouraged to participate in social events like social awareness programme, cleaning campaigns, and many more voluntary social services.